This is where I write some things you may not know about me...

...because I'm not on Facebook.


So, here are the basics:


  • I grew up in Philadelphia. Cheesesteaks, YAY! Scrapple, BOO! Phillies, please get your act together!

  • I went to an all girls Catholic high school.  'Nuff said.

  • I said that I chose the University of Southern California because of their great language department (my original major was German/Russian heading toward minors in Italian and Japanese). The real reason was that during my tour of the campus I saw a building that had the name George Lucas  on the side of it. Done deal.

  • Changed previous major.  Got a BFA in Theatre. Then this happened:

With Christopher Liam Moore and the 2014 Tony for Best New Play, ALL THE WAY.

  • Performed The White Snake in China.  Yes, The Great Wall is pretty...well...great.

  • And now, after a few more regional gigs and a spot on OITNB, its back to OSF for a gorgeous production of Twelfth Night and the world premiere of Roe. 

  • may have noticed there is no "Reviews" link in that sidebar to the left. And that is because I do my very best not to read them.  "The good ones are never good enough and the bad ones are upsetting." Thank you Richard Burton for those words of wisdom. And if you really really want to know, there is this thing called Google...
  • That said, I did fall off the wagon several years ago (egged on by a well meaning "you gotta see this") and read a review where I was described as a "zesty enchantress." I sounded like a salad dressing!  So instead, I came up with a recipe for a cocktail. If you would like this recipe, head on over to the Blog. It's the only post there now, but more to come!


  • Okay, maybe a few things happened in between.
  • Went to work at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival under Artistic Director Henry Woronicz and was a company member for 5 years.
  • Moved to New York.  Rented in Brooklyn. Bought in Queens.
  • Worked a lot regionally--17 states in 13 years.  Missed being in New York full time, but LOVED working with theatre artists around the country...and finding and eating the best local food. 
  • Returned to Oregon Shakes for 4 more years, this time under Artistic Director Bill Rauch. 
  • Did a lot of great plays including All The Way, originating the roles of Coretta Scott King and Fannie Lou Hamer, which I then understudied when the play moved to Broadway. 
  • And the play won the Tony.   Not too shabby.